10 Best Birthday Gift For Mom

3 Finding the best birthday gift for your mom can be overwhelming. She has so many tastes and interests! What about the gifts from years past – does she still use them?? And why didn’t she respond when you texted her last week, when you asked: “what do you want for ur birthday 🎉🎂?!”

In this blog post, we share some of our favorite picks to help you make a quick and easy decision. Whatever her interests might be, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of birthday gifts and gift cards from illume’s digital marketplace.

Here are 10 gift ideas to help bring in the birthday wishes for mom:

1. Brightland Olive Oil

Not all olive oils are created equally. If mom’s a cook, she’ll want top-notch taste and quality from the start. Brightland olive oils and vinegars are never overprocessed or filled with artificial preservatives. They source their olives from a family-run California farm, so you can be confident you’re giving mom the good stuff for her birthday.

2. MOMA Design Store

For lovers of unique home decor, give a birthday gift card to the MoMA Design Store! First off, if they love interior design, they will want to pick it out themselves. Trust us. Second, where else can you find incredible products that look like they could be in a museum… but are actually affordable for your home or office? Rest assured, it’s still top-notch: Each product is vetted by MoMA’s curatorial department.

3. The Gift of Movies

If mom is an entertainment enthusiast, make sure she’s set up right! Give her the gift of movies for her birthday. We love Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – and frankly, if she doesn’t have either streaming account already, you’ll become her favorite child very quickly.

Or maybe she likes going to the cinema! Send her an ecard gift card to Fandango AMC or theaters, and she’ll be able to pick out tickets for the big screen whenever she feels like it.

Side note: Wondering about the best happy birthday mom quotes to include in your card? We’ve got some ideas in this blog post.

4. The Carter Mug from Fellow

For the early morning riser in your life – or someone who is just go-go-go – make sure their coffee game is A+. At Fellow, you’ll find all things coffee: beans, brewing systems, unique drinking cups, and ceramics. We especially love the Carter Mug: it’s contemporary (a great combo of color and stainless steel!), practical (thank god for the lid...), and the limited edition artist series has incredibly stunning designs (shown above).

5. Airbnb Travel

If mom is known to wander or has been planning a big trip for years, support her desire through Airbnb! It’s the go-to online marketplace for alternative vacation rentals, homestays, and other tourism activities. Does she want to live like a local in Madrid? Stay in a treehouse in the Pacific Northwest? A birthday gift card via Airbnb can help deliver.

Next level: Looking for big birthday gifts tips, i.e. maybe 50th birthday ideas for mom? Why not organize a trip and book the Airbnb yourself…

6. Aesop Skincare

If your mom is passionate about skincare, she should know about Aesop! This Australian skincare brand has a wide range of hair care, skin, and soap products that look and feel luxurious. Online reviews praise their effective formulas and delightful fragrances. A gift card will let her pick out precisely what she needs for her routine.

7. Burlap & Barrel Spices

Gifting for the foodie in your life can be tricky. Since they’re probably zealous about their ingredients and gear, it can be challenging to know what suits their kitchen needs. But you’ll impress with a birthday gift from Burlap & Barrel. Sourced directly from small farms, these professional-grade spices are unique and hard to find in the US.

8. Patagonia Outdoor Apparel

If your mom is passionate about the outdoors, gift her from a company that feels the same! Patagonia makes responsibly-sourced clothing and accessories for outdoor adventures. They don’t make any product they wouldn’t personally use out in the woods, so you can trust that their contemporary, no-fuss designs are the real deal.

9. Donate to Climate Justice Alliance

For the do-gooders of the world, sometimes the perfect gift is giving back. That’s why on illume’s digital marketplace, you can make donations to various organizations in honor of your friends and family. Maybe you’ll donate to the Climate Justice Alliance for mom's birthday – she’s always encouraging you to waste less and recycle.. You’ll help this incredible organization continue to fight climate change in all its many forms.


Are you still drawing a blank? May we advocate for ice cream?! Make sure mom can get a little sweetness on her birthday. We love the Smitten Gift Kit from Smitten Ice-Cream, a San-Francisco brand known for their locally-sourced smooth scoops. The kit ships nationally and comes with four ice cream pints of your choice (including non-dairy flavors) plus a side of cookie dough bites :)

You Got This!

These are just 10 birthday gift ideas from our team but many more await on the illume gifting marketplace. Take a look and see what inspires you!

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