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10 Best Birthday Gift For Mom

3 Finding the best birthday gift for your mom can be overwhelming. She has so many tastes and interests! What about the gifts from years past – does she still use them?? more

3 Ways To Celebrate A Birthday Without The Party

3 ways to celebrate a birthday without the party, using these amazing birthday card, birthday quote, and group gift ideas. Maybe your friend wants to keep it mellow this year. Or more

4 Essentials for Grateful Living

Gratitude is more than an attitude. It’s the art of saying thank you. The practice of appreciating what we have. But, it’s not so easy to tap into despite it being a highly more

5 Questions That Will Help You Write a Heartfelt Note

The hardest part of writing a heartfelt note is finding the words to express yourself. So often, the person or experience feels indescribable. You might think: How could I possibly more


Gift cards can be a meaningful and personalized gift. Here are 6 ideas on how to do it. Some gifters may say: “A gift card? Not from me! That’s too impersonal.” But think again! more

Expert Advice: Don't Underestimate Compliments

It hits you like a wave as you walk away. Did I sound dumb? Does that person think I’m ridiculous? The truth is – they probably don’t. Welcome to the liking gap: the difference more

Full Guide: How to Easily & Meaningfully Express Appreciation in a Virtual World

People you love and care for are your people. They may be family, chosen family, a close friend, or anyone who makes your life better—like a teacher or coworker. But, a lot of times more


The best birthday memes on GIPHY right now that will help you celebrate and wish anyone in your life a happy birthday. via GIPHY Happy Birthday Memes can be an easy and fun way more