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Send a beautiful digital group card to celebrate an individual for an occasion, or just because.

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What is an illume group card?

An illume group card isn't just another group digital card. It's a day-changing, mega heartwarming, gratitude showering, "wow, I feel loved"experience. It's where individuals come together and contribute meaningfully to a card for someone who shines.

That's illume.

The experience is simple and delightful—for you and for them.

Why people love illume.

Simple but impactful.

Coming together to move others doesn’t need to be a big production. We believe there’s magic in simple yet heartfelt gestures.

Free for all.

illume is free for everyone involved—as gratitude sharing and love sending should be.

Notes are between you and the recipient.

We keep all contributor notes private so you can write freely and openly without limitations or fear of judgement.

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